What exactly is a “Bāgery”?

The Bāgery is a mashup between bagel and bakery but we are so much more. We are not your traditional bagel shop so forget what you think we might be, should be or compare us to what has been.

The Bāgery was created with a not-so-simple goal: in house, from scratch, every day. We believe that good food takes time and effort, and, in that endeavor, there are no shortcuts.

Using organic flours from a centuries old mill and the freshest local ingredients whenever possible, we have created a menu that departs from ordinary and serves it up in an environment that allows for grabbing a quick bite to eat or relaxing for a while.

Veteran-owned and operated, the Bāgery extends its commitment of good service to its veteran community. It is our passion to serve those who have and continue to serve us all. That’s why our philanthropy efforts and support are focused upon first responders, veterans and active duty military members through discounts, veteran hiring preferences and collaboration with veteran support organizations.

Ok, but what is with the long “a” (“ā”) in your logo?

That is just to assist with pronunciation. Remember from school, “the long vowel says its name.” We say our name as if it rhymes with bay, not bag.