Do you boil your bagels?

Absolutely! We feel there is no other way to make a bagel. To read about our take on the matter, check out our blog post If It’s Not Boiled, It’s Not a Bagel.

Do you have gluten-free bagels?

Yes. However, we don’t make them in-house. We couldn’t make a product and call it gluten-free in a kitchen where we use wheat.

Do you have vegan bagels?

Affirmative. All of our bagels are vegan.

Can you accommodate food allergies?

It depends. Tell us about your needs and we will guide you through our menu to try and find something that works for you. Keep in mind that we use all of the major food allergens in our kitchen. Due to this, we can not guarantee any item is allergen-free.

Why do you sometimes run out of bagels?

This has been one of our largest challenges. The simple answer is that we can’t accurately predict the number of bagels that will be needed on any day nor the variety that our customers will choose. We do however keep very good records of both values and use them to help us forecast day-to-day production.

When you don’t run out of bagels, what do you do with the leftovers?

We use some of them to make bagel chips and offer day-olds for sale at a discounted rate. Anything we have beyond that goes to a local farms to feed livestock.

Can I place call-ahead orders?

Affirmative. We ask that any order greater than one and a half dozen bagels is ordered at least 48 hours in advance. We require this as bagel-making is a two-day process and we need that much notice to produce your order.

Do you have catering options?

Affirmative. For more information, check out our catering menu.

What do you do to limit waste & environmental impact from your restaurant?

We get this question, or some form of it, probably once a week. The fact that our community is so concerned with these issues to make that type of inquiry makes our heart sing. A comprehensive answer would be too long for this format. However, we can hit some high points.

When we designed our restaurant, we selected the most energy efficient devices we could find. All of our lighting fixtures throughout, both front of house and back, are LED. Lights are on motion sensors and automatically shut off when not in use. All water using devices are low-flow fixtures.

We recycle every item that we can, both with your help and the help of the kitchen staff. Our vegetable wastes go to a small flock of hens for egg production. We also purchase as many items as we can locally. We use recycled paper products wherever possible and all of our takeout bags are compostable.

Will you donate food and/or gift cards to our non-profit?

We are happy to donate to military and veteran’s support groups as long as they are qualified charitable organizations and align with our values and mission. Please keep in mind that we can’t possibly honor all requests. If you would like us to consider your organization for a possible donation, please contact us using this form.